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(from the 2018 guide)

The arts: Subject-specific guidance

An extended essay (EE) in the arts gives students an opportunity to undertake an in-depth investigation into a topic within an arts subject of particular interest to them.

The EE must demonstrate in-depth understanding of the subject matter studied. This should be shown in the form of:
  • a coherent analysis and interpretation of their chosen area in relation to a posed research question
  • the testing and validation of the research and consideration of its effect on the practice of the investigated area of the arts
  • development and exploration in a disciplined and imaginative way of an area of study specifically appropriate to the curriculum area chosen
  • a link to a practical dimension.

The research outcome should always include a link with a practical dimension. Where relevant and possible, students may wish to consult practitioners and professionals, such as performers, directors, researchers, writers, designers, painters, sculptors, composers or critics; or they may wish to visit theatres, galleries, museums and arts centres.

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Planning Your Research: Use this sheet to audit and plan your research prior to your next major meeting with your EE supervisor (and certainly before Mayweek)